July 19, 2017

We are forever ensuring that we continue to improve your customer's experience when choosing us to complete your personalised products. So therefore when you speak we listen and we act accordingly to bring you something more superior than what we had.  

Our new website, now live and available for you to navigate through at www.createdbyhands.com.au has lots of new options to make it easier for you to see what you are going to have displayed in your home or office.

With most of our products we give you the ability to upload your favourite image/photo and design it the way you want the finished product to look.

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3... here is some steps to help you navigate through our website:

  1. Find the product you wish to design, click on the blue button "CUSTOMISE IT!"
  2. Click on "Add Image" to upload your image/photo from your computer or phone, add wording to your block by clicking on "Add Text".  If you wish you can simply add a plain background by clicking on "colour" and then your wording.
  3. When you feel that you have finished with your design click on "preview" button to see what it will look like.  Be sure to be 100% happy with this artwork you have created.  When you are done click on "Continue Purchase" and it will take you to a 3 step checkout process.

I am so excited to see your creations and print many new designs.  Don't be afraid to be creative. If you need any assistance feel free to email our "Creative Team" at tim@createdbyhands.com.au or contact us on 1300 477 925.

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